35 degrees began one 35 degree day in Tokyo...

...in a fit of heatstroke, it occurred to me that Tokyo is located 35 degrees north of the equator, and Melbourne is located... well, nowhere near 35 degrees south, but by this time I'd already passed out.

We lived in Tokyo (in the sleepy hamlet of Senkawa, a piss-throw from Ikebukuro) from October 2001 until April 2004. Husband drunkenly proposed to me in Kyoto on New Years Day 2003 (yes'm - kawaaaaaiiiiii, ne!) and I drunkenly accepted. Rather than fork out hundreds of thousands of yen to rent out a tacky function centre for 4000 of our closest friends, we decided to get hitched on the beach in Palm Cove in May 2004, followed by a Ni-Ji-Kai in Melbourne in August. Melbourne is now our home, although I do crave kimchi and CoCo Ichibanya katsu-karri more than is decent.

35 degrees started in October 2002 and was a shit-load more interesting when I was living in Japan. But I will keep writing until someone chops off my fingers, so sucked in. I'm here to stay. Problem?

This is me and Husband, McG at our nuptials. He helps me with the technical stuff whilst I prance around pretending to be a web designer... I love being Wife. It's very nice.


---- Melbourne, Australia, October 2004 ----