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Letter to Sage #2

24 February 2011, 20:03

Just hangin' out, trying to roll.

Dear Sage,

You are so not keeping us up all night trying to roll without actually rolling when you’re awake. You are going to roll today whether you like it or not.

Love your sleep-starved Mum.

P.S Lying on your side in a halfway roll and looking at me with a blank stare does not cut it. I know your cute chubba butt cheeks are mostly lard but you’ve really got to haul them over in order to roll. Just sayin’.

Posted by Kinki on 24 February 2011, 20:03

  1. Now you have to explain how to get the baby to stop rolling over to their tummy in their sleep-having this problem with my baby who is obsessed with showing off his rolling!
    Lawley    Mar 7, 08:49 PM    #