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Rocking the Gingham

8 February 2011, 20:08

Rocking the GinghamToday was Scout’s first day as a Primary School Preppie. There were no tears (hers or mine), just a lovely excited buzz amongst the kids and parents.

I think there may have been some tears in the staff room with some of the other mums but I was surprisingly unemotional. A tear didn’t even threaten the corner of my eyes. I was happy. Proud that we’d done our job and raised a lovely, sociable and confident (albeit bossy) girl who was not scared to make new friends or be the ringleader in any mischief or fun she gets a whiff of.

She started the day with her socks rolled down, rocking her gingham uniform (I never thought my daughter would be so excited by navy). By the end of the day, some of her prep peeps had their socks similarly styled.

After school we asked her teacher how the day went. Her first comment?

“She talks a lot doesn’t she?”

Ah. She is the duck. School is the water.

Posted by Kinki on 8 February 2011, 20:08